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“Mrs. Glass is like throwing a fit and setting your lover’s car on fire. He plays seated because, lordy, he couldn’t sing and strum any harder if he tried. It’s simple, it’s straight forward, but you’ve never heard music move like this. Live, he is electric, and those who follow him around town would follow him to the ends of the earth." - Lee K., Scout Network Blog

“One of Austin's best guitarists, Mrs. Glass, [is] a sharp-dressed picker with a deep microphone moan that will make you want to move [to Austin] just for his residency...Hitting the strings with old-soul poise and the mic with deep moans, his local trio’s residency could well be an institution one day.” - Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle

"The Bayou Blues crooning of Mrs. Glass is so seasoned you have to see him live to believe he's actually a fairly young, fairly sober white guy. Looks may be deceiving, but there's never a lack of tortured brilliance lurking beneath the tenuous surface of Mrs. Glass' brooding music.” - Sonic Vault Austin

“Mrs. Glass is the UGLIEST woman I've ever seen, but she makes the most BEAUTIFUL music.” - John Aielli, KUTX FM, Austin, TX

“[Mrs. Glass’] ability to dissect the classics and interpret his own life and soul into song is unparalleled.” - Bryan Smith, Austin Sound

“This trio blasts you away with a dirty rock ‘n’ soul blowout, dosed with shots of blues and loads of grit.” - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX FM, Austin, TX


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