Long Mandola Hard Case

The heritage of Keith Calton lives on as designs that have endured for decades. Our Long Mandola case, commonly used for a number of Gilchrest’s Mandolas, is one of three shells first designed at Calton and one we proudly feature to this day. The Vintage look celebrates the tried and tested principles that have governed excellence in all the instrument cases we create. Like every case in our armory, a hard shell flight case shields your instrument in multiple layers of fiberglass, while soft urethane foam padding and low density foam wedge pads combine to perfectly contour your instrument to a “glove-like fit.” The premium plush velvet interior delicately cradles your mandola while the padded pick box and neck guide firmly secure your instrument in place. All of this aligns to perfectly suspend your instrument from headstock to end pin and to protect your instrument from whatever life throws at you. These features all make up a legacy of protection in our music cases unmatched since 1969.

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