How To Buy

Where can I buy a Calton Case?

To find us, here are a few simple options:  

  • You can buy directly from us through our website. All of our options and customizations are available 24/7 online.  
  • You can call our Sales Team at (512) 410-0303 and they can take your order over the phone. 
  • We also are partnered and proud to work with a select number of dealers and luthiers who are knowledgeable about our cases. 

Find a Dealer

I don't live near a dealer. Can I buy directly from Calton?

Of Course! You can submit a quote request on our website 

To do so, click the “Find your Case” button below, follow the steps to build your case and a quote request will be sent to our Sales Team. Or you can call our Sales Team at (512) 410-0303 for help finding one.

Find Your Case

Does Calton Make A Case To Fit My ‘Super-Special, One-Of-A-Kind Instrument?

Truthfully, the answer is “sometimes.” We try to meet the needs of every musician so if we have not made one for an instrument like yours before, then we will likely need a measurement form filled out along with a tracing to give you an answer.   

We want everyone to have the case that best protects their instrument which is  why we only design for instruments we know we have the means to comprehensively protect to the degree we’re known for. 

Do you do artist deals?

While we do genuinely appreciate and love our community of artists and musicians, at this time we do not offer artist deals. We support a number of touring and working musicians who depend on our cases to ensure the safety of their instruments. In order to do this, we spare no expense in our materials and construction.  To that end, our deal to every artist is that we will protect your instrument through every adventure, every trial and every struggle the road throws your way. 

Referral Program

How Does the Calton Cases Referral Program work?

Refer a friend to Calton Cases and make sure they know your name and email. When the referred customer purchases a case select “Referral” in the “how did you hear about us” section and enter the referrers name and email. The referrer will then receive an email notification with a $50 Store Credit Code. There is no limit to the amount of credits a referrer can accrue. $50 Store Credit and may not be applied to existing orders. Please contact our sales team with any questions, (512) 410-0303.

How It's Made

How are Calton Cases made?

 Utilizing hundreds of templates and a vast selection of molds, we tailor each of our fiberglass cases to the exact specifications of your instrument. For instruments we haven’t previously encountered, we’ll ask you to provide measurements and custom fit our products to your unique instrument.   For over 50 years, we’ve earned a reputation for perfection unmatched in the industry. Without giving away too many secrets, here is how Calton Cases are made:

  • The exterior, hand-laid fiberglass shell is built as  durable tops, bottoms, and side walls of each case.
  • The fiberglass shell is trimmed to a specific depth. 
  • Latches, bumpers, protective feet, and a handle are added.
  • The interior is built from flexible foam and velvet using templates
  • At 5 stages of quality control inspection points, every square inch of your case is looked over to ensure your product meets our standards.
  • We add your label with a new serial number and ship it to you. 


What does the Calton Cases Warranty cover?

So you’ve run over your case with a cargo van? Dropped it from a stage? Look, we’ve seen it all! While Calton can’t cover for the repair of physical or accidental damage to a case, we will be happy to assess your case and restore it to the comprehensive protection you expect from our brand. 

The Calton Cases Warranty only covers manufacturer defects. Calton will, however, make every effort to repair damaged cases and estimates are available upon request.


Calton Cases Lifetime Limited Warranty

This product has been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. 

Calton Cases International will replace or repair any product, or part of the product that proves defective due to improper workmanship and/or material, while under normal use, service and maintenance. This lifetime limited warranty is for the original purchaser. Please be sure to keep your original sales receipt, as this is needed to process any warranty claim.

Our lifetime limited warranty is void if a product is returned with a removed label or with alterations to the label that would make the serial number unreadable.

Warranty service or repairs to cases are only done by Calton Cases International, located in Austin TX. 


To request warranty service, you will need to provide:

  1. The sales receipt, or other evidence of the date and place of purchase. 
  2. A description of the issue.
  3. A photo or multiple photos illustrating the issue.
  4. Once a limited warranty request is reviewed, found to be valid and accepted, you will receive a shipping label for the product. After the case is delivered to Calton Cases International, we will assess the issue and give you an estimated time for return to you. 
  5. Warranty requests should be emailed to: production@calton-cases.com


Calton Cases International will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the controlling limited warranty statement above and proper return procedures are followed. Calton Cases International and its employees or representatives, shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages directly or indirectly; resulting from any alleged defects in their products or use thereof. The remedies of the consumer set forth herein, are exclusive and the total liability of Calton Cases International, from the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale or use of their products, and shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product. The express warranty set forth above is exclusive and no other warranties of any kind, whether statutory, oral, written, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description stated herein. The consumer’s exclusive remedy for breach of warranty, and Calton Cases International’s only obligation arising out of or in connection with breach of warranty, shall be those stated herein.


For Retailers and Resellers:

At Calton Cases, we inspect our cases as they move through each stage of the build process. Our cases are quality inspected no less than 5 times during production, and then again before being packaged for shipment. 

Upon receipt of your Calton Case, please thoroughly inspect your case for any defects or damages. If you are a retailer who will be storing your case in the original box that it was shipped in, it is recommended that you open the box, inspect the case, and then return the case to its original box for storage until time of resale. 

Calton Cases is not liable or responsible for cases that have been in storage and uninspected for long durations of time. We rely on our vendors to let us know if there are any problems with the case within 45 days from original purchase. 


Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by:
  1. Weather conditions, such as mold, mildew, damage to instruments from the case being left in the rain, or extreme elements.
  2.  Any damages not resulting from defects in material or workmanship, such as drops, impacts and falls.
  3. Conditions, malfunctions, or damage resulting from 3rd party shipping. However, Calton does have shipping insurance for our own shipping carrier within the United States only.
  4. Normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, alteration or repairs by third parties.

Owning A Calton

Why are the latches on my new case stiff?

Latches may be stiff until your case is broken in. They are installed tight, by hand, and are made to loosen with use. If you would really like your latches to be easier to open, you can watch this video on how to adjust the tightness. However, we suggest for the security of your case, to leave the factory tension as set by us to avoid your instrument falling out or the latches not being tight enough

My instrument fits really tight inside the case interior. Is this normal?

There is an important difference between “really” tight, and the just right kind of snug. We recommend you set your instrument in the case as often as possible. Like breaking in a mattress, after about 30 hours inside the case, the foam and fabric should conform to your instrument. 

If you feel that your case is too tight after that time, please contact our Repairs Department at (512) 410-0303 and they will look into the issue and do whatever’s necessary to have it resolved.

The top and bottom of my case doesn't line up. Why?

Some deeper cases can expand and flex in width on the bottom section when first used. This rarely happens and thankfully this will correct itself as the interior foam and lid trim adjusts itself to fit your specific instrument. We also suggest to not overstuff your pick box.  This can push up on the instrument neck and lid and cause an improper fit. 

The inside of my case smells. Why?

The interior support foam and velvet lining of Calton Cases are secured using adhesives. A very small portion of these are solvent based, meaning they require some time before they have fully off-gassed. Our cases  undergo two 24-hr adhesive drying stages during our case production to allow for their adhesives to dry and off-gas. If your case has been “expedited” for production and/or shipment, then it is possible that your case  is still setting, and still needs time to dry. If you notice a glue or solvent odor, leave your case open as much as possible until it dissipates.

Cleaning My Case

How do I clean the exterior of my case?

Dirt and grime can be removed from the fiberglass shell of the case using most light kitchen cleaners or furniture polishes such as Pledge or Orange Glo. Read the back of the label of whatever cleaning compound you use carefully and try your cleaner on a small area if you’re unsure of the reaction. Avoid using solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner, or nail polish remover near the rubber trim of your case as some may soften it. If you see the case or black trim color coming off on your cleaning cloth, then this is too aggressive a cleaner.

What Do I Use To Polish The Exterior?

To restore its former luster, you can use any car or furniture polish.  We recommend using a light coat first, then applying a second if necessary.

How do I clean the interior of my case?

For DRY Clean-up:

For dry dirt or dust in your case, simply use a rolling lint remover to pick up dry mess. For a heavier mess, a  handheld vacuum attachment could also be used at your own risk. Be sure to set to a low setting (Too much suction might tear the fabric or pull the foam padding off of the shell so be gentle.)

For WET Clean-up:

If you spill liquid inside your case, remove it as quickly as possible by dabbing a dry cloth on the area until the mess is sopped up. Leave your case open until completely dry. If you have a fan, turn it on and point it at the case. If your spill leaves a stain, use a mild detergent with as little water as possible. Note: Caustic cleaners such as paint thinner and spot removers should NEVER be used as they may soak into the padding and cause undue damage to your instrument. 

If it is bearable, the safest option is simply to leave the stain.