Mandolin Hard Case

For the quickest pickers and pluckers of yore, we happily herald a comprehensive selection of Mandolin cases, custom-crafted to guarantee safe passage for your prized instrument from renaissance times to the modern era. As with all of our products, we adapt based on customer feedback and now feature our F Style mandolin case: expanded by an inch all around to address concerns regarding the scrollwork and horn. This means our total line includes our A Style, our F Style, and our Deluxe Mandolin; designed longer to give you additional storage space. Like every case in our armory, a hard shell flight case shields your instrument in multiple layers of fiberglass, while soft urethane foam padding and low density foam wedge pads combine to perfectly contour your instrument to a “glove-like fit.” The premium plush velvet interior delicately cradles your guitar while the padded pick box secures your instrument in place. All of this aligns to perfectly suspend your instrument from headstock to end pin and to protect it from whatever life throws at you. These features all make up a legacy of protection in our music cases unmatched since 1969.

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