53 Years of Calton Cases


It All Started In Aldershot

As Led Zeppelin was dropping its debut album, when the Beatles were still top of the charts, the very year of Woodstock’s epic concert, Calton Cases began. In a small Garage in Aldershot, England, Keith Calton set out with a clear mission: create cases as rock hard as the music of the era. This became an unwavering dedication as reliable and solid as Calton Cases themselves, and for the next 19 years, Keith built this amazing company all by hand; case by case.


North of the Border

By the late 80s, Calton was a leading name in custom guitar cases both in the U.K. and the U.S. But a serendipitous proposition from Al and Trudy Williams in Calgary would skyrocket Calton Cases into even further international acclaim. Upholsters and music makers themselves, this chance union would prove to be a synthesis of style, quality and dedication which Calton Cases is still famous for today.


Keith Carries On

As with any epic tale, drama precedes glory, and for Calton Cases, the retirement of Al lead to hard times for Keith Calton and sales in the U.S. Calton Cases became a UK-only operation, where Keith would continue to work on his vision mostly alone for the ensuing 5 years.


Keith Sells His Stake

As fate would have it, fortune would draw Keith Calton back into production in the United States through another fateful encounter with Jon Green of Austin, Texas. After repairing a precious gift to Green’s daughter, the two hit it off and by the end of the year, Green was handed the reins to Calton Cases, leaving room for Keith to enjoy a well-earned retirement.


A Partnership in TX

Soon after taking over, Jon Green partnered with Jeff Poss, an expert in custom fabrication with a rich history in museum and movie prop-making. The two made powerful leaps forward through direct relationships with luthiers and improved production methods that would take the company back to the internationally recognized name we know it for today. 


To New Heights

After an amicable buyout, Jeff Poss became the sole-owner of Calton Cases, and has since amplified this company into the leader in customization and case manufacturing that is again world-renowned. Today, at Calton Cases, we are more than just comprehensive protection of your guitar or instrument; we are a proud benchmark for quality from the cases we make to the customer relationships we cultivate. We believe in a personal experience for every encounter and ensuring total confidence in every case.

Generations of Cases

Calton Gen 1 small

1st Generation

The O.G. Bad-A, our Gen 1 series design comes straight from the incredible mind of Keith Calton himself. Their sharper corners and flat bodies give them the style and sensation of rock history while the heavier material and tough texture were designed to manage all the stories of your life on the road.

Calton Gen 2 small

2nd Generation

A modern remix of the original, the Generation 2 focuses on real-world data from users acquired by Keith Calton in 5 decades of custom case-work. These include smooth and stylish corners, and rubber cushioning for the bumpers and latches as well as rubber feet for support when your case is at rest.

Calton Gen 3 R1

3rd Generation

A modern form focused on integrity, strength and durability, Gen 3 offers internal spinal support running from the neck to the body of your instrument, engineered rounded corners that are designed to deflect impacts rather than absorb them and arching in the body for increased compression strength. As a final aesthetic and ergonomic touch, Gen 3 offers a more refined texture dedicated just as much to endurance as it is to design.