GB-200 “Laptop Case”

Versatile Gearbox with fiberglass shell, rubber bumpers, leather handle and padded velvet interior.

Interior: 16.4” x 10.3” x 5.8” Exterior: 16.4” x 10.3” x 5.8”

  • Clear

USD $650


Customize Your Own

Made in Texas

Hand Crafted

Limited Lifetime Warranty

GB-200 "Laptop Case"


The GB-200 Laptop Case is a versatile, compact, fiberglass hard case for hand or shoulder carry. Perfectly sized for a laptop and its accessories, this case is ready for a trip to the coffee shop or a world tour! It features a durable reinforced fiberglass shell and a luxurious padded velvet interior. The full-grain, hand-stitched leather handle is dependable and only gets better with time. With the heavy-duty nylon strap that’s included with each case, shoulder carry is also an option simply by attaching to the nickel-plated d-rings on the exterior of the case. This case’s shell also includes an additional layer of protection in the form of rubber bumpers and feet to guard against rough surfaces and tall drops. Additionally, these rubber feet serve a dual purpose by aligning with indents in the shell for secure stacking.

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