Label Replacement Kit

Stay proud of your Calton Case with our label replacement kit! We believe in preserving legacy and are proud to help you carry on Calton Cases’ mark of quality and endurance for the lifetime of your case

This kit includes:

  • Screen Printed Aluminum Adhesive Backed Label
  • Cleaning Pad To Clean And Prep The Surface Prior To Adhering The New Label

USD $35

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Installation Note:

As with everything here at Calton Cases, we believe in the best for every case. Happily, we encourage you to replace your label and take pride in a freshened Calton. This is a great opportunity for you to get that custom label engraved with your name or the information about the instrument it will be housing. Should you choose to do this placement yourself, we advise you take extra care by following a these steps: 

  • Make sure that the surface is clean and smooth before you apply the label.  
  • Practice a few times stabilizing your hands on the case and gently laying the label in the recess.
  • Do not remove the label once applied

You will only get one shot at application as the adhesive is very strong so attempting to remove the label if it is misaligned will result in damaging the label beyond repair. 

For this and all installations, we highly recommend you have your label installed by one of our in-house professionals. We use the best processes and materials to ensure maximum aesthetics and durability. 

That said, we support empowering musicians to make the best choices for their instruments and only add that, should you choose to install it yourself or through a shop other than Calton, we are not liable for any damage that occurs to your case, instrument or any other item as a result of the failure of the repair.