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We believe in the...

Calton Cases Legacy

We believe in the vision Keith Calton started in his backyard workshop just outside of London in 1969 –– handcrafting well-made, darn near indestructible cases for working musicians. Today we make each case by hand, with love, in our Austin, TX shop. 


some backstory... 

Why We Do It. 

Calton Cases are undeniably as rugged as the road, yet as fine-tuned as your beloved stringed instrument. Our journey has been winding, not unlike your own, and it's why our dedicated team of Austin-based craftspeople (many are musicians, too) take pride in building custom acoustic, banjo, solid body guitar/bass, mandolin and archtop cases… so you don't have to worry about your gear. 

We will continue handcrafting a superior case so you're empowered to get out there and make your own music magic.


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Musicians world-wide have been rolling with our gear since the early 70s – and you've got the stories to prove it – you've crossed mountains and oceans to get to those gigs. Share your journey with us by tagging #caltoncases.