Violin Measurements
Tracing & Photos

Also use for Viola

1. Measurements

Download and print measurement form.

Place the instrument on a table & rest the body at the heel on a 1/2" block. Tip: Try a stack of post-it notes, business cards, or an eraser.

Take measurements to the nearest 1/16". Note anything unusual about your instrument on the form either in the notes filed or on the provided digram in the lower right corner.


Place 1/2" block under heel


No block? Try post-it notes, a stack of business cards, or an eraser.

2. Tracing

Place the instrument laying flat on a solid surface, with the paper placed underneath. Use a sturdy paper but no cardboard please.

With your drawing tool placed firmly against theinstrument\'s edge, and perpendicular to the surface of the paper, mark the paper according to the contour of the instrument.


Tracing Tutorial Video

3. Photos

Take 3 photos of your instrument and submit them with your tracing. Place a 3 inch x 3 inch post-it note on instrument body (we use this for scale).


A. Hold camera directly above the center of the body and photograph the body.


B. Hold camera directly above center of instrument and photograph the entire instrument.


C. Hold camera perpendicular to the side of instrument and photograph side profile of the entire instrument.